Patient Testimonials

Thank you Dr. Sams for giving me a new and beautiful smile with four new Crown-Porcelain front teeth to replace the ones that, over the years, I have ground down by night teeth grinding. Not only do I have a new smile to be proud of, but also relief in my jaw from TMJ, and less frequent migraine headaches. I am so happy with the results and looking forward to getting my four bottom teeth replaced as well. No only does Dr. Sams do beautiful work she also has a beautiful personality which immediately puts her patients at ease and makes them feel confident about her knowledge and professionalism. She didn’t rush my process, but took it one step at time, insuring that the final outcome would be the best for me, the patient. I had to have some prep work done and her referral to Dr. Mari R.Silvera Portacio, DDS, PhD, was also an excellent experiences. The connective tissue she had to put in due to receding gums was a perfect match and looked totally normal when my new crown was put on.

Dr. Sams took pictures before and after every procedure insuring that she had a permanent look at what she wanted to do next. If she felt she needed another opinion on anything, she didn’t hesitate to show my picture to another doctor just to insure that I would get the best result possible. She is so patient, soft spoken, and always ready to hear what the patient has to say. I have total confidence in Dr. Sams as well as her whole staff.

To me she is not only a wonderful dentist, but an artist. I am thrilled with the final product and hope others who read this will not be afraid to make the changes in their smile. I am 56 years old and my new teeth make me feel much younger. My procedure was not only cosmetic, but also helped my health by decreasing my headaches and by using my night guard, making my night grinding less of a problem.

After my new crows had been put on and the finishing touches were complete, everyone in the office came in to admire my new smile, congratulate me, an even gave me applause. I was very touched by their enthusiasm, kindness, and pride for a job well done.

Thank you, Dr. Sams you are amazing.

Linda Clarke

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Sams; she is professional, caring, compassionate, kind and expert in the field of dentistry. Form the moment you walk into her office until you leave, you are treated with kindness and respect.

When I first had dental work performed by Dr. Sams, I knew I had found the perfect dentist for my family. She is exceptional ajas a first time dental experience, my 3 ½ years old granddaughter loves her and can hardly wait to go back. She was excellent with my grown son who had not been to a dentist in 20 years because of past bad experiences. He had extensive work performed and it not only changed his opinion of dentists, he has completely lost his fear and will be seeing Dr. Sams again.

I love Dr. Sams and would not hesitate to recommend her as #1 and the very best. What a difference a great dentist can make.


Shirley Martin
Orcutt, CA

I love coming to Dr. Sams office. Everyone is very kind and concerned about the comfort of the patient. A great place to have your dental needs taken care of.

Mary Davis

I am recommending Dr. Sams because it is a joy to come to her office. Having had a fear of the dentist as a child, I can go to my appointments knowing it will be fine.

Dr. Sams is unusual because of her light touch when working. She makes sure I am comfortable, have a pillow for my back, one for my neck, and lets me take breaks if I need one.

Caring, patient, cheerful, kind and considerate are just a few of the adjectives I would use to describe her. Looking out her large view windows while I am in the chair is a bonus. I absolutely recommend Dr. Sams.

Diane Abbott

Since Dr. Sams inherited me as a patient, I have been happy with her work. She has displayed professionalism and the desire for continued education and updating.

Additionally she is a warm delightful person.

Alana Hansen

My initial visit with Dr.Sams was because of a dental emergency (fractured tooth). The care received from Dr. Sams and her staff was excellent! My condition was quickly and accurately assessed and options were provided, while putting me at ease the entire time. Subsequent care and treatment were received, and always first-rate. I would highly recommend Dr. Sams as a dentist. Patient care and comfort are always first priorities.

Ed Crowson

Dr. Sams and staff just completed replacing some “aging” crowns for me. This was done with professionalism and all my questions were answered.

Pauline Ashby

Dr. Sams and entire staff are so friendly and caring. Dr. Sams knowledge and use of the most modern equipment very impressive. She is very proactive and came up with a plan for me. I would recommend Dr. Sams and staff to anyone and everyone.

Garth Araujo